King Kamehameha I (The Great)

King Kamehameha I  (Kamehameha The Great) was said to have united all the Hawaiian Islands. There are several statues in Hawaii honoring King Kamehameha The Great, of which, I have visited two on Hawaii Island (Big Island) and the other on Oahu. The only other statue I know of is located in Washington D.C. I’m sure there are others, but these are what I consider the main statues.

Located on the Big Island in the beautiful North Kohalo District, near the small town of Hawi, is the original King Kamehameha I statue. The history behind this statue is amazing. It was lost at sea near Cape Horn and later found.

The second statue, which was to replace the original is located in front of Aliiolani Hale (Hawaii State Supreme Court).  During the celebration of King Kamehameha Day on June 11th you will find this statue adorned with lei.

Second Statue Located in Honolulu

Second Statue Located in Honolulu

The Original Statue of King Kamehameha The Great

The Original Statue of King Kamehameha The Great

And finally, the third Kamahameha statue, also on Hawaii Island, is located near downtown Hilo at Wailoa River State Park.  Sculpted by R. Sandrin in Vicenza, Italy in 1963  this statue was not erected until June 1997. The statue was purchased by the Princeville Corporation for their resort in Kauai, and later donated to Hilo. The folks of Kauai did not want the statue, because Kauai was never conquered by King Kamehameha I.

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Hilo Hawaii,  Wailoa River State Park

Hilo Hawaii, Wailoa River State Park

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